Single colour

Single colour Swirl-StoNZ
Use for colour therapy or just choose your favourite 
colour. See below for a brief summary of colour meanings.

Colour Therapy - Summary of Colour Meanings 

MAGENTA:  Uplifting, relaxing, and gives a natural ‘high’. Good for headaches and nausea.

RED:  Strengthens, stimulates, and adds passion. Good for numbness, a cold, or to jumpstart your love life.

ORANGE:  Confidence, energy, and encouragement. Anti-depressant, good for creativity and the liver.

YELLOW:  Inner power, positivity, and happiness. Good for the nervous and digestive systems.

GREEN:  Balance, safety, and harmony. Good for the heart and relaxation.

BLUE:  Intelligence, trust, and tranquillity. Good for hiccups, sores and asthma.

TURQUOISE:  Truth, communication, and calmness. Good for eczema, acne, fatigue and tension.

PURPLE:  Peace, spirituality, power, mystery, and magic. Good for relaxation and opening up your creative side.

WHITE:  Innocence, purity, and perfection. Good for purification and clarity of the mind.

This summary of colour meanings has been taken from:
The Incredible Way Color Can Affect Your Physical And Mental Healthby PHIL MUTZ, which can be found at