Welcome to Swirl-StoNZ by Claire

This site is dedicated to my Swirl-StoNZ, created from coloured polymer modelling clay. In addition to any current news, you can discover more about what they can be used for, how I make them, the design variations, look at the photo gallery, and find out where to buy or see them at events.

Swirl-StoNZ sold out for 2023

It was a fantastic day at the Whangamata Sunday Market today. I sold out of all my stock that I had made for the markets leading up to Christmas. Due to other commitments in December, I will not be able to make any more, so I will miss out on the festive shoppers this year. It seems strange not doing any events in December, as it is usually one of my most busiest times. Hopefully I will be able to re-stock for the Whiritoa Fair on 3 January 2024.

18.02.2023 Cyclone Gabrielle, Garden Design and more

I was not able to feel creative during Cyclone Gabrielle but luckily we came through without damage. Now the weather has improved, I am working on a big garden design project, which will take up a good deal of my time during the next month or so. Also, I have a significant birthday in April, so plans and celebrations for that will eat into my creative time too. Consequently, my stock of Swirl-StoNZ is nearly depleted, and it may take a couple of months to restock.