Welcome to Swirl-StoNZ by Claire

This site is dedicated to my Swirl-StoNZ, created from coloured polymer modelling clay. In addition to any current news, you can discover more about what they can be used for, how I make them, the design variations, look at the photo gallery, and find out where to buy or see them at events.

03.01.2021 Whangamata Sunday Market for 2021

 Welcome to 2021. Swirl-StoNZ will be at the Whangamata Sunday Market on the first Sunday of the month (unless at another event and subject to reasonable weather), until further notice. Additional dates and other events will be listed on the ‘SHOP’ tab.

1.11.2020: Swirl-StoNZ are making a return

I hope to have enough Swirl-StoNZ made to start a regular spot at the Whangamata Sunday Market, starting from 15 November 2020, right up to Christmas. Check my 'SHOP' page for more details.

I am taking a 'Creative Break' during 2019-20

Due to some big life changes during 2019, involving buying, selling, renting and moving between properties, I will have very little time to create Swirl-StoNZ. Renovations/decorating the new house is still ongoing through 2020. This is only a temporary break and as soon as I can get back to creating I will update this page. In the meantime, check my ‘SHOP' page for for availability/events or you can contact me via the 'CONTACT' page.

There is more information in the post on my website www.clairefairweather.co.nz, if you are interested, but the long term plan will be all for the better.