19.10.2017: Project Swirl-StoNZ - The Launch

The Launch: Come to the Labour Day Art & Craft Market on the Selwyn Reserve at Mission Bay in Auckland, 10am - 4pm on Monday 23 October 2017, where I will be launching my latest creative venture: Swirl-StoNZ

I will be selling jewellery, charms, key-rings and decorative accessories, all made from my first batch of Swirl-StoNZ. Great souvenirs, as they are made by a local artist; give as a gift or keep as a memento of a special occasion; longer lasting than a greetings card to convey a message. They also feel nice to hold in your hand, just as they are, and make great 'calming stones' for both adults and children. You can also watch me make them.

Enter the FREE PRIZE draw and you could win a Swirl-StoNZ pendant - my stand should be in Row 1, closest to Tamaki Drive, under the trees.

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