How do I make Swirl-StoNZ?

Selected colours of polymer modelling clay are rolled into a ball and rotated with a flat piece of acrylic or glass. It can take up to 100 rotations to pull the colours round into the swirling pattern* and create the lentil shape. I often add some extra detail, incorporating images or words into the patterns as they inspire. Each one is unique. To finish, they are baked for at least forty-five minutes to harden and preserve the design.

I call the resulting lentils ‘StoNZ’, as they are created here in New Zealand. They can be made in your choice of colours or personalised – please ask for special requests.

*The swirl pattern is reminiscent of the Maori 'koru' symbol, which represents new beginnings, growth and harmony. 

This is an un-edited 'live time' video: