What can I use them for? 

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Some ideas for uses
Decorative - create interest with a small group
on a shelf or an eye-catching feature with a glass
bowlful; they are sure to be a conversation piece
in any room

Games - use for treasure hunt stones, games 
(noughts & crosses), and learning (colours), the 
'glow in the dark' ones are a novelty and  
comforting for those scared of the dark 

Small Gifts - great as a souvenir or keepsake, 
and longer lasting than a greetings card, to 
convey a special message; buy ready-made or 
make your own gifts, e.g. pendants, key rings 
and other accessories

Worry Stones - this recogised therapeutic
technique helps to deal with uncomfortable and
stressful emotions or situations; both for adults
and children. Find out more about 'worry stones'

Yoga/Meditation - use as a visual ‘anchor’ or
meditation object when practicing yoga or
meditation; the spiralling pattern helps draw the
eye and focuses the mind

Colour Therapy - the colours we choose to
surround ourselves with can have a profound
impact on our lives, affecting both our physical
and mental health.